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  1. Works like a charm! Thanks so much for this! I was on the verge of reverting back to Mountain Lion. My understanding was that Juniper WASN’T going to update Network Connect but was pushing changes into their latest release of Junos Pulse which I’d found difficult getting my hands on. Juniper seems to only open their downloads to established clients and NOT individuals. While my company is a Juniper client, our IT group hasn’t been helpful in obtaining Pulse or otherwise getting me through this problem.


  2. Congratulations for your script!
    With my mac book pro OSX mavericks I have had connection problems to my work, I have tried:
    •Menu Safari: Preferences: Security: Manage website Settings… Java …my VPN website ……….. Run in Unsafe Mode.
    •Then I have updated my Java to Java 7 51, and I had much more problems because I could not connect anything. As part of the installation, the Java security level is set by default to High. With this security setting, self-signed and unsigned applets are blocked from running. I Had to Add my site to the Exception Site List.

    All looks like it is OK, but then I could run Network Connect fine, but after 5-10 minutes it stops routing packets, I had to sign out and sign in again and again. Now the solution does not seem easy!, because connection is working, but it failed and it is not the same if you do not work at all.
    Then I tried the solution with your script, and truly it works. I open the terminal session and write the script, and I leave it open all the time I’m connected.
    I give thanks to the people who are very capable and altruistically they share their wisdom with others.

  3. Thanks the script worked!

    A note for those less experienced with the Mac terminal:
    – chmod 755 arprefresh.sh will allow the file to be executed
    – sudo ./arprefresh.sh in the directory with the file will do the trick to run it

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