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I noticed that when I login to a Windows 10 machine from a Windows 7 machine using Remote Desktop (RDP), I was able to authenticate fine using my Smart Card. But once I am inside the Windows 10 machine and want to RDP to another machine, I don’t get Smart Card authentication option in RDP window. Even if I want to use any command that requires elevated privileges I don’t get Smart Card authentication option.

It really seems like that Windows 7 machine is not passing or redirection Smart Card to the Windows 10 machine. When I RDP from Windows 10 machine to a Windows 10 machine, Smart Card is passed/redirected fine and I don’t see this problem.

Anyway, after searching a lot on the net I finally found the solution in one of the TechNet post. i.e. to remove the following updates from the Windows 7 machine:


After uninstalling these two updates, I rebooted my Windows 7 machine and tried RDP to my Windows 10 machine. Smart Card redirection started working fine.

Please try it if you are having this issue.

Thanks for reading.